Life Vision

A question: “Is life a daily grind of dealing with what happens TO us, or is it a series of opportunities to make things happen FOR us?”

How we answer this question can tell us a great deal about our personal situations and our mindsets towards the lives we are living. Let’s consider each viewpoint individually, and then, of course, integratively.

First, a bit of a caveat: Whenever I speak or write about life optimization and proactive living I want to always remain mindful of the fact that there are many people in our world who have been born into situations that make optimism a very challenging prospect. Many do not live in conditions that foster empowerment, nor do they have the means to “just go get what they want.” For some it is indeed a feat to just make it through each day intact.

For these folks, life may very well feel like “a daily grind of dealing with what happens,” and I feel it is important to maintain empathy and respect towards them and their situations. “But by the grace of God, there goeth I . . .”

However, their stories can indeed change, and while it is good to be realistic about the challenges, it is even better to focus upon the power we all possess to work towards change and improvements in our lives regardless of where we may be forced to begin.

When we read the stories of those who have struggled and who have experienced the “lowest of lows,” we discover people who were not willing to surrender to despair. While they may have felt that life was one trial after another, they never lost faith in the spark within them that would always remain capable of being fanned into a fire.

These individuals realized that life could also be “a series of opportunities to make things happen,” no matter the circumstances, no matter the odds. Rising from the illusion of powerlessness, they claimed their God given right to apply themselves to the pursuit of their hopes and dreams.

And they did rise, and they did attempt, and they did succeed. And so will you. All that is needed to begin is the willingness to formulate and follow a Life Vision that reflects your own desire and which follows your own design.

Here’s how:

Set aside time to pray, meditate, think, and feel (PMTF) about how you would like to design the remaining days of your life:

  • Would you like more education? A different career? A certain kind of lifestyle? A particular partner?
  • Would you like to travel? Follow a sport? Learn a new language? Play an instrument?
  • What are the things that you have said you “have always wanted to do?”

Now, formulate these desires into some palpable form: A scrapbook, a vision board, a narrative – whichever will serve you best in keeping the vision alive and constantly before your eyes and in your mind.

Finally, spend time each day reviewing your Life Vision while you continue to consider what specific and detailed steps will be needed to bring about its manifestation. Walk these steps faithfully and you cannot help but experience results.

Friends, I am not talking here about “white light and bunnies” or “vending machine” spirituality, but about a scientific and reality based application of desire, will, and intention coupled with sincere action and effort that leads to visible and tangible results.

To conceptualize a vision, embrace a vision, nurture a vision, and enact a vision, is to witness the miracle of co-creation. The intangible becomes tangible. A thought becomes a form. A dream manifests a reality.

Be Well!

Dr. Mik

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