The New Normal?

As we continue to progress forward through “Pandemic 2020,” we are hearing many people expressing a desire to just “get back to normal.” We can certainly understand this sentiment and what it represents. Folks are simply hoping to be able to regain some semblance of control over their lives and proceed with their usual occupations, and recreations.

However, there are also many people who are considering what this pandemic has attempted to teach us, and what changes may be in order in light of it. For some, the virus has presented a stark “wake up call” for humanity to stop and reassess what actually is ‘normal’ after all.

When we consider the concept of “normal,” we discover that it has been quite subjective and varied over the course of human history. For example, it was once considered normal to believe that the Universe revolved around the earth, and that the earth was itself flat. People who challenged this ‘status quo’ often paid with their lives.

More recently, we might call to mind how people once thought it ‘normal’ to smoke cigarettes, and how this is now changing in the minds of the population. Likewise, we are now questioning other ‘normal’ views regarding our health and wellbeing such as pesticides, additives, pollution, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Consequently, “normal” seems to be a moving target that is based upon temporal societal norms that, when assessed in hindsight, may actually come to be understood as quite abnormal.

Hence, we are obliged to question further: What else that is currently accepted as normal might later be proven to be harmful and/or mis-guided?

For example:

Is it ‘normal’ for humans to spend hours upon hours interacting with computerized “gadgets?”

Is it ‘normal’ to witness multiple acts of televised violence in the space of an hour, and to call it “entertainment?”

Is it ‘normal’ to pay athletes, entertainers, and CEOs millions, or for any one individual to possess and hold billions?

Is it ‘normal’ for people to live under the constant pressure of political polarization and the imminent fear of economic collapse?

This way of thinking can also be thought-forward:

Will it be ‘normal’ to allow the current hyper-materialistic trends in humanity to continue?

Will it be normal to continue to genetically modify foods, clone humans, and plan to create a digitized humanity?

Will it be ‘normal’ to allow governments to force us to receive DNA altering immunizations?

Will it be ‘normal’ to accept electronic implants into our bodies that will store our personal data and monitor our every function and action?

One grace that has been made possible for us through this Pandemic is that it has afforded us the opportunity to STOP and RE-ASSESS the directions we are taking as individuals and as a collective society. Many are reporting that this dynamic has caused them to “level-up’ consciously, and to consider all aspects of their lives in light of deeper purpose and higher meaning.

Perhaps ‘normal’ is not so ‘normal’ after all? (Let me assure you: It isn’t!)

Dear friends, my greatest concern at the present moment is that as things begin to return to ‘normal,’ people are going to quickly forget the insights and understandings they gained during the crisis. I am troubled by the possibility that the majority of us will be swept into the continuation of the ‘present madness’ under the guise of a “return to normal.”

We also need to be watchful and diligent regarding what THEY are going to try to propose (and sell) to us as the “New Normal.”

Personally, I propose this:

A slower and more relaxed pace
Balance with electronics
Holistics, Organics, and Naturopathics
More time with family and deepening relationships
Working and playing in nature
Imagination and creativity
De-cluttering and simplifying
Unity and compassion
Eating healthy and exercising
Self-sufficiency and independence
Praying, meditating, and reading
Love and kindness
Spending less and saving more
Thinking critically and questioning ‘authority’

I pray these learnings will not be lost so the lesson does not need to be repeated (and intensified). May we all emerge from this experience better than who we were before, and fully prepared to build upon the insights gained.

NOW is the time, and THIS is the “wake-up” call.

“Those who will not learn from history will be destined to repeat it.” ~ George Santayana

“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” ~ Pema Chödrön

Be Well!

Dr. Mik

3 thoughts on “The New Normal?

  1. Totally agree! One thing I’d offer as an addition to your list to contemplate: Perhaps our “new normal” should not include continuing to eat animals (or animal products) of any kind or sort … To reflect kindness and compassion not only to human sentient beings, but for all of creation. As one example, wouldn’t it be wonderful if humanity began to see factory farming as unnatural and abnormal as the other things you cite? And to begin to see as “normal” the increased consumption of the natural phytochemical pharmacy found in plants! What a wonder it would be for our collective health and well being! Excellent post. Thanks for sharing…


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