As our “Spiritual Re-alignment,” World War III,” and “The New Normal” (see posts below) continue to unfold, I cannot help but feel an inner sense of PEACE, knowing that all that we are currently engaged in is part of an accelerated human EVOLUTION.

I am reminded of the scripture from the Christian tradition that assures us that, “All things work together for good, to them that love God, to them who are called according to God’s purpose (Romans 8:28),” and I KNOW that there are many people (Jews, Christians, Muslims, et al.) on earth today who do indeed love God, and who are therefore “called according to God’s purpose.”

I also KNOW that EVOLUTION moves in a positive direction (in contrast to Devolution), so that seeming negative events can often be part of a greater positive outcome. Remember that the caterpillar must first enter the darkness and confinement of the cocoon if it ever hopes to become a butterfly, and it must also endure the struggle and pain of the emergence therefrom if it ever hopes to fly free.

Struggles yield advances.

Problems become opportunities.

Challenges foster growth.

Racism must indeed end, as must hatred and violence, if humanity wishes to fulfill its higher purpose. All people created in the image and likeness of God, all deserving of love and respect, all destined for GREATNESS.

We are better than this.

Nature is warning us, knowledge is awakening us, and wisdom desires to guide us towards a “new Heaven and a new Earth.” We are each to become a “New Creation.”


Dear friends, let us not allow those who have given in to depravity confuse or mis-lead us. Let us remember that peaceful protesters are GOOD people who feel and care enough to want to do something about wrongs and injustices. They seek EVOLUTION.

Sideliners (such as myself) can also make their contributions in their own unique ways. We all have certain talents, gifts, and abilities that can be applied to our collective EVOLUTION. Let us ALL contribute.

I find myself saying often in sessions that, “If it were not for ‘praying Grandma’s’ we would all be in deep trouble!”

I close this post with the following considerations:

“In everything there is purpose, in each “happening” a new opportunity, and in every “encounter” a new possibility.”

“We were created in LOVE, to be LOVED, and to share LOVE. This is our common purpose, our eternal essence, and our ultimate destination. Let LOVE reign today, and everyday!”

“Just as the Renaissance emerged from the Dark Ages, so shall a New Consciousness rise out of this Age of CHAOS.”

Be Well!

Dr. Mik

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