The human saga has unfortunately been a repetitive cycle of bondage leading to uprisings and Declarations of Independence.

Societies take form, leaders emerge, and power differentials are established. This power then progressively grows on the side of the “ruling elite” while everyday citizens are ‘stretched to their limits’ for their sustenance and sanity.

Eventually, the people reach their breaking point and ‘enough is enough.’ New societies are born, and the cycle then repeats again, and again, and again.

Read any history of the world and tell me this is not completely evident.

And so I ask:

  • How many times must we see the repetition until we realize that something is inherently wrong with our way of proceeding?
  • When might humanity evolve to the point where we can understand the illusions of duality and separation?
  • And how is it that such an ‘advanced’ civilization as we believe ourselves to be would still maintain the “systemic oppression” of its citizens?

My answers are thus:

  • It has already been far too many repetitions, and far too many lives have been ruined and lost in the “will to power.” The time is NOW!
  • We really ought to already be there, and there is no excuse for not getting there.
  • Until we dismantle oppression, we have no right to think of ourselves as ‘advanced’ in any way, shape, or form.

We must realize NOW that the duality of our systems is destructive, and there is no such thing as separation between us. We are all Souls living in bodies that have minds. Our color is LIGHT, and our culture is the family of God.

Diversity is our gift, and freedom of expression our birthright.

To “live, and move, and have our BEING.”

To think, will, and do that which is right and just.

To BE well, and to DO good.

This “Spiritual-Realignment” is happening even now as we enter this next “Evolution” of personal and collective “Independence.” And so, American Independence now speaks as a beacon for World Independence, founded upon the sovereignty of God AS WELL AS EVERY individual child of God.

“WE hold these TRUTHS to be SELF-EVIDENT that ALL . . .”

Be Well!

Dr. Mik


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