We watch now as humanity continues to struggle within the ‘delusion of duality.’ The battle between ‘this’ or ‘that.’ The clash of my -ology verses your -ism. The war between ‘us’ and ‘them.’

This “duality delusion” polarizes and divides, leading ultimately to erosion and entropy; and it is this cycle that has been repeating again and again through time on earth. Fleeting moments of peace and harmony between wars, and brief times of great intellectual and spiritual gain between the rise and fall of empires.

So what do I mean by this term ‘duality delusion?’ What is it that I wish to convey with this alliteration.

Simply put, the ‘duality delusion’ is the tendency to become trapped in paradox where ‘this’ is opposed to ‘that,’ and where the world and universe are seen constantly through a lens that highlights differences in opposition.

In psychology we refer to this as “black or white” or “all or nothing” thinking, and those who are entangled in this way of seeing the world often struggle significantly. Nothing can ever be ‘black’ or ‘white’ enough, and grey just does not satisfy.

And yet grey IS actually the solution, for healing is found in the balance. Somewhere between the left and right wings lies the heart of TRUTH. Here, we encounter a law known as EQUILIBRIUM, a state at which opposing forces are met in stability and sustainability.

In mathematics, this is the factor of Phi, derived from the Fibonacci Sequence, which reveals the presence of symmetry and balance within all created things.

In medicine, this factor of EQUILIBRIUM is captured with the term homeostasis, which refers to the balancing of the many chemical and biological processes that enable us to experience health and wellbeing.

Also, from medicine, we are discovering how the human body is actually a microbiome, that is, a host to billions of microbial forms that are crucial to our survival. We are also hearing a great deal recently about how immunity is actually reliant upon our continual interaction with the external microbial kingdom.

The truth is that the law of EQUILLIBRIUM is everywhere, revealing the Divine Presence in all Creation, enabling us to achieve and maintain “balance in all things,” and paving the way for a sustainable future.

Current systems are NOT sustainable, which is why they are breaking down. Having run the gamut of their extreme expressions, they have lost perspective, and are erupting into conflict and chaos.

Some may remember that the word used for the first attempts at racial healing in America was the word INTEGRATION, which refers to the blending of unique constituents in order to create a comprehensive and ultimately better outcome. This word and concept continues to speak to us today.

For example, in Integrative Psychology we approach each individual as a unique person of varying attributes and life experiences. We then evolve the treatment accordingly by drawing from theories and interventions from the whole of psychological science, and even from beyond psychology.

We are therefore not tied to only one school or method within psychology, but instead we seek training and expertise in multiple modalities so as to be able to customize each and every individual treatment. We do not fit the patient to the treatment, but fit the treatment to the patient. This is also true of what is practiced in Integrative Medicine.

Imagine what might be possible if this ‘integrative mindset’ would enter into other realms of human knowledge?

How wonderful it could be if ALL PERSONS began to open their minds to multiple dimensional possibilities and capabilities, where differences would become strengths, and diversity the path to innovation and greatness.  

Friends, this is what is unfolding right now before our very eyes. The fires of conflict are transmuting polarity, and pushing us towards integration, and an eventual sustainable equilibrium. Our hope is that critical mass has been reached, and that the process of transformation promised us in this new millennium is unfolding right here, right now.

This brings me to the practical application of this article. To this point, you have read my references to philosophy, physics, and psychology about the theoretical nature of current events. Let us now consider what all of this means where the “rubber meets the road.”

The first point I would say that emerges from a practical standpoint is that we want to be careful that we are not ourselves operating within the ‘duality delusion.’ Have we taken an extreme left or right position that might be clouding our judgment regarding contrary information or opinion?

If so, then let us be called back to balance. Let us open our minds and hearts to be able to hear, understand, and empathize with the thoughts, opinions, and experiences of others.

We might learn a thing or two.

The second practical application would be for us to continue to practice equilibrium as a ‘way of life.’ Let us assess our lives and identify where we may not be experiencing optimal homeostasis, and let us make adjustments accordingly, body, mind, and Soul.

And lastly, our study of equilibrium can bring us to a place of deeper understanding of all that is unfolding in this, our year of “20/20 vision,” where the lens is focusing in on deep systemic problems that have been plaguing humanity for centuries.

2020 does not have to go down in history as the most horrible year in our lifetimes. We may choose instead to see it as a turning point in history, the ushering in of a new era of human healing and enlightenment, paving the way for incredible advances in science, religion, human relations, and collective illumination.

As the British say, “mark me” on this: This time will prove to be one of the most important positive transitions in human history.

Be Well!

Dr. Mik

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