Sitting quietly and peacefully in nature, my consciousness connects with the ALIVENESS that surrounds me.

The sun is shining, warmth is penetrating, colors are reflecting, a gentle breeze is blowing, water is flowing . . .

A squirrel is foraging, a bird is singing, a chipmunk chirping. Fish are swimming, a frog is jumping, leaves are waving, tree branches swaying . . .

I could go on and on.

Our world is no doubt a MIRACLE unfolding before our very eyes, as we also miraculously “live and move and have our being” within it. This is especially important to remember in times of upheaval, struggle, and change: Creation remains.

I therefore encourage you, dear reader, to find moments like these, and when you do, I ask you to make note of the fact that while the word ‘earth’ may be a noun, in vivo it is most assuredly a VERB.

Shining, penetrating, reflecting, flowing, blowing . . .

Foraging, singing, chirping, swimming, jumping, waving, swaying . . .

If I had to name the overall sense that I experience in nature, it would be the force and energy of EMERGENCE. Even beyond its previously identified cycles, there is the overall perception that there is an ever present potential and purpose within all creation.

Astrophysicists now tell us that time and space are in a constant state of flux, traveling, if you will, towards somewhere and/or something. Consequently, from the moment of its inception (if there ever was such a time) our Universe has been expanding, evolving, and EMERGING.

We can find great comfort in this scientific law, philosophical reality, and theological truth. The knowledge and understanding that it is not ‘all for naught,’ but that there is great purpose in all that is unfolding is key to our ability to remain balanced and focused within the fear and pain of our current ‘re-birthing process.’

That said, there is an additional component to EMERGENCE that is essential to our current experience. I have often said that “If we wish to render our world a ‘New Creation,’ we must first begin by helping individuals to become ‘new creations.’” What I mean here is that our collective process is dependent upon millions of individual sub-processes.

Therefore, it is within the freewill and responsibility of each and every one of us to make a willful decision to cultivate our own EMERGENCE. We do this via a process known as Conscious Evolution.

Until more recent times, human evolution was more happenstance and ‘at the mercy of’ the environment. However, a very important shift occurred where humans came to realize that we are actually capable of intentionally and actively contributing to our growth and development as a species and society.

We have crossed the threshold from Homo Sapiens to Homo Evolutis, meaning that our consciousness has risen to the point that we can begin to make better choices and develop healthier attitudes and approaches towards development and sustainability.

Each of us has therefore become both ‘the lock and the key.’ WE are the ‘ones we have been waiting for.’ Hence, we must now strike a balance between faith and personal responsibility, reliance upon God and acceptance of human accountability.

And what are we to co-create with God? Perhaps we can begin with world peace, then universal love & compassion, and ultimately a sustainable world where technology serves only to ease our burdens as we return once again to nature.

For greater detail about this path and process, please follow this link:


Be Well!

Dr. Mik

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