The human saga can be summarized most succinctly as a “Quest for Truth.” 

Truth of existence. Truth of purpose. Truth of direction. Truth of outcome. 

We all want to know why we are here, what we are meant to be doing, where we are supposed to be going, and what it is all meant to accomplish, and ultimately, MEAN?

Many religious and philosophical teachers have come in order to address these human longings, these quintessential questions that lie within the depths of our consciousness; and when these teachings are studied comparatively we discover that they are all pointing to one and the same Truth. 

In Buddhism, we encounter the Four Noble Truths of:

1) Suffering
2) The Cause of Suffering
3) The End of Suffering, and
4) The Path to the Cessation of Suffering

In Christianity, Jesus answers Pilate by revealing that he had “come to bear witness to the Truth,” to which Pilate responds mockingly with his now infamous “Quid est Veritas” (What is Truth)?

Pilate truly did not know. 

Jesus, Buddha, and the other world teachers DID (and some today still do). 

And yet, the world continues to suffer as humans argue and make war in defense of the delusions that have become their many versions of ‘False Truth.’ Some even go so far as to state that there really is no such thing as Truth. Everything is simply random, and only chaos rules. 

It is indeed TRUE that only chaos and randomness can result from views such as these, and for as long as humanity ‘kicks and screams’ against the ONE REALITY, we will not know the joy and peace that TRUTH affords. 

There is really (truly, ultimately) only one choice that each of us is called to make in life, and this is the choice between Reality or Un-reality, represented via concepts such as Heaven or Hell, Self or Ego, Love or Fear, etc. This choice determines the trajectory of our lives, the relationships we will attract, and the world we will construct around us. 

Unfortunately (for now), more have chosen the ‘illusion of delusion,’ which is why we are collectively where we are currently: slaves to a material universe, and captives of space and time. 

Fortunately, there is a better way, and a brighter path forward that is always available to us. Surprisingly, this choice is quite natural, surprisingly simple, and fully attainable. 

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t! 

God did not create us to become bewildered, confused, and destructive beings reaping havoc upon the earth. God created us to live in peace, harmony, and LOVE with nature and one another. It is we who decided to create a material world dominated by space and time. It is we who have chosen to live as bodies and egos, and not as the “Spiritual Souls” we truly are. 

However, when we commit to live a more spiritual life in direct communion with God, we become less and less delusional within this material paradigm. Life takes on new meaning and purpose, and we realize who we truly ARE.

In this way, the spiritual path is less about becoming something other, and more about uncovering who and what we always have been, but have yet been unable to fully realize. Michelangelo expressed this wonderfully when he said that he “simply released the figure that was hidden within the block of stone.”

GOD with and within us is TRUTH. Everything REAL flows from there, and anything not, IS NOT. 

Centered within this REALITY, we “live and move and have our being” in the TRUTH, which is GOD, whom we know as LOVE.

(Mic Drop)

Dr. Mik

2 thoughts on “TRUTH

  1. Wonderful post. When I have contemplated this in the past I have viewed it as not only waking up to the truth, but remembering…
    It is always a joy to read your posts, I thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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