I remember a day when politicians were civil, where media outlets honored journalistic integrity (neutrality), and where people conducted themselves with decency and respect. 

Today we see and experience highly polarized politicians, heavily biased reporting, and ongoing deterioration of law and order within society. 

As I have prayed, meditated, thought, and felt my way through these current crises, one attribute that has stood out for me as a significant contributor to the problems is the concept of HYPERCRITICISM. 

I understand that we are all taught in school and college about ‘critical thinking,” that is, the ability to approach matters with a bit of healthy skepticism that enables us to remain open to alternative considerations. This is all well and good when it is practiced in a balanced and intelligent manner. 

The issue today is that many people have become incredibly HYPERCRITICAL to the point that there is an immediate default to a negative assessment and fault finding in everything they see and encounter.

“That guy is an absolute racist!”

“That woman is a complete wench!” 

“Those people are all _________ (fill in the blank)!”

There is no critical thinking taking place in such abrupt assessments. There is no consideration being afforded to the persons involved. There is only judgment and condemnation based upon one’s own polarized beliefs and attitudes. PROJECTION: pure and simple. 

It seems the game in town these days is to find any possible fault in a person, and to then exploit that for maximum effect in ‘bringing her or him down.” In this way, the criticizer feels elevated and can go on denying her/his own faults, as well as the fact that s/he is acting in arrogance, ignorance, and most importantly: FEAR.

Friends, more people need to be saying what I am about to say, and more people need to reconcile with the truth of it:

FEAR is destroying our society and world! 

The most recent exacerbation of this reality has been the pandemic, which is affecting people psychologically more than they realize. Even those not infected physically have become infected psychologically with FEAR, manifesting as HATE.

We have got to get a grip on ourselves and realize that there are forces that are seeking to influence and manipulate us into becoming disgruntled, miserable, and HYPERCRITICAL people. Peace, contentment, and fulfillment cannot result from this trend, and if we do not intervene CONSCIOUSLY, it will need to play out to an extreme (negative) position that is guaranteed to finally wake us up. 

Join me, if you will, in a small experiment:

As you go through your day today, study your interactions with others. Observe your mind and make note of the very first thoughts and feelings you experience with each interaction. 

Was your first thought a critical one?

Did that then lead to a judgment? 

Did you then make a decision to somehow reject that person?

If so, try this instead:

1) Adopt a personal mindset that you will look upon every person as inherently good.

2) See flaws, but balance them with positive attributes as well, For example, “Savannah’s hair may have been a bit wild, but her outfit looked great.” 🙂

3) LOVE that person as a gift from God, and consider how you might be able to BLESS her/him (judgment is a curse). 

One by one, WE are called to redirect this downward spiral and redeem ourselves from our current HYPERCRITICAL condition. 

LOVE is what matters!

Life, Light, & LOVE! 

Dr. Mik

2 thoughts on “HYPERCRITICISM

  1. I appreciate reading your words of wisdom –

    I have often felt what you express in your blogs Dr. Mik, but your skillset takes churning and unsettled feelings to a definable conclusion. Laying it out in an understandable and also Grace-Filled way forward. It’s a relief to see nebulous and ugly thoughts turned around – written down and concluded in a ‘human’ and a manageable path back to Decency with tools for how to feel and be with our ‘neighbors’ – Thank you!


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