As this year of ’20/20 Re-Visioning’ culminates in what will surely be known as one of the most critical (in more ways than one) elections in history, let us take a moment to FOCUS, CENTER, and GROUND ourselves in the midst of the turmoil and chaos that is unfurling all around us. 

It is at just a time as this that we have the greatest opportunity to truly ‘test our metal’ and ‘rise to the occasion’ of the ‘best selves’ we have been working to be and become. This is therefore NOT the time to be captured by any form of ‘group think,’ or to be swept into any kind of aggressive ‘social uprising.’ 

Instead, our society stands in great need of WISDOM, PATIENCE, and most of all LOVE as we enter the next phase of the NEW CREATION that is being co-created and made-manifest in our midst. 

The ‘contractions’ we are now experiencing are but a foreshadowing of the ‘birthing pains’ yet to come. We are still early within the process, and we will all do well to be prepared to face many choices moving forward regarding how we will elect to behave during this ‘Re-birthing process.’

Will we succumb to RAGE and HATRED if things do not go ‘our way?’ Will we embrace DIVISIVENESS and continue to FACTION ourselves into camps of ‘this versus that,’ and/or an ‘us or them’ mentality? 

Friends, I am not a fan of dystopian shows or movies, but I do believe they can serve a vital function for us now. They can show us who we DO NOT want to become, and how we DO NOT wish to behave in the midst of any future trials and tribulations. Let these fictions serve therefore as negative examples of how we will, in fact, face times of growth and change.

My appeal to my readers today is to ask that we each sit quietly with the choice that stands before us in this election, and that we base our decision upon our deepest spiritual convictions. Then, having cast our ballot, let us proceed with ACCEPTANCE and GRACE regarding the outcome. Were we not all taught to be ‘good sports’ as early as Kindergarten? 

I close with this thought as we proceed together within this current rEVOLution:

“It takes more COURAGE to practice PEACE when tempted towards VIOLENCE, to FORGIVE when anger desires to PUNISH, and to LOVE when pride demands VENGEANCE.”

Life, Light, & LOVE! 

Dr. Mik

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