A Pathway to PEACE

Prepare by researching and studying the attitudes, beliefs, and traditions of the partner culture. Open your mind to the magic and beauty of diversity.

Encounter the culture on equal terms and with a sense of openness and acceptance. Suspend your fears of that which is different. Embrace the uniqueness and newness of the culture while also acknowledging convergences, congruencies and similarities.

Affirm the culture as equally valid and viable. No one is better, only different.

Covenant for mutual respect, co-operation, peace, and unity in the interest of a better world and a healthier humanity (The PEACE Pledge).

Expect challenges, yet expect to work through said challenges in a manner that honors The PEACE Pledge.

The PEACE Pledge

I affirm that I am one of many co-inhabitants of planet Earth and one member of an entire Human Race. I covenant with my human brothers and sisters for co-operation and unity in the interest of a healthier humanity and a better world.

I seek an end to the historical paradigms of inequality, competition, and violence, and I will only endorse and promote solutions that foster equity, co-operation, and love.

I seek an end to war, for we cannot be at war with ourselves. Never again will I allow children to perish needlessly, for they are the children of us all. Never again will I support a competition for land, power, or superiority, for a “house divided against itself cannot stand.”

I will never forget where we have been, and I vow to never participate in thoughts, words, or deeds that can take us there again. Our past cannot be our future, and I therefore adopt and promote this pledge as A Pathway to PEACE.

Dr. Michael E. Ludwig, PhD