A Psychological Application of Virtues

This model is based upon the Latin saying, “virtus in medio stat” (virtue stands in the middle), and it depicts how the classical philosophical virtues can be applied towards balancing extreme left or right dualistic mindsets.

One will notice a line with a positive and negative pole upon a triangle. Below the line are two lists of what we might call ‘mindsets,’ that is, ways of framing our thinking towards something. Below those lists you will see the words “this or that.” This is the dualism mentioned above.

One may also notice that the two lists of words below the line do not contain the most favorable of terms, each representing extreme right or left positions. Please note that the words from each list correspond to the one across from it. For example, ‘hedonism’ (do whatever feels good) and ‘legalism’ (everything must be regulated) are opposites.

Above the line are the words “this and that” and a list of the “Seven Virtues.” These are the mitigating factors between the extremes. Once again, they align, so that prudence (wisdom in the moment) mediates hedonism and legalism, and so on.  The point is that the virtues do not represent an extreme right position as some may believe, but they are actually balanced and moderate. 

There is a very powerful secret ‘hiding in plain sight’ within this graphic. I call the reader’s attention to the point where the line touches the triangle, known as the fulcrum, or “balance point.” Right there, at that point is revealed a law known as EQUILIBRIUM, a state at which opposing forces are met in stability and sustainability. 

In science, this is the factor of Phi, derived from the Fibonacci Sequence, which reveals the presence of symmetry within all created things.

DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man reveals the Phi factor in the human body. A geometric center-point just below the navel. Additionally, within the human body we apply the term homeostasis to refer to the balance of the many chemical and biological processes that enable us to experience health and wellbeing. More recently we are also discovering how the human body is actually a microbiome, that is, a host to billions of microbial forms that are crucial to our survival. We are also hearing a great deal recently about how immunity is  reliant upon our continual interaction with the external microbial kingdom. 

The truth is that Phi is everywhere, revealing the Divine Presence in all Creation, and the law of EQUILIBRIUM enables us to achieve and maintain “balance in all things,” paving the way for a more enlightened humanity and a healthier and sustainable future.