Several years ago, I walked into The York Emporium at a time when a group known as The Socrates Cafe was meeting. The owner, Jim Lewin, introduced me to the group and whimsically warned them that I was a Forensic Theologist

What Jim was so cleverly referring to with this neologism was my deep interest in a field known as Psychospirituality, which is the integration of theories and interventions from psychology and spirituality. It also reflects my own conceptual way of capturing the essence of my work in sum via my own neologism: Psychotheosophy (Psychology-Theology-Philosophy), which is the sum of my many years of research and praxis within Integrative Psychology, Spiritual Theology, and Existential Philosophy.

I would therefore like to focus my next series of BLOG posts on The Five Stages of Spiritual Integration, which is a continuation of my Five Affective and Five Cognitive stages respectively. These last five stages represent the completion of our journey towards The Integrated Life by guiding us to our highest spiritual potential. 

For most people, the process of Spiritual Integration begins with the REALIZATION that there is something more to this universe than “meets the eye.” Consequently, they may become aware that there are realities that extend beyond their immediate perception, and that there are things to be known that lie beyond the grasp of current human knowledge. 

This may lead to a desire to begin a quest for deeper spiritual understanding. One might choose to begin researching various religious and spiritual concepts as s/he begins to form one’s own personal spiritual philosophy. One might also decide at this stage to engage a religious or spiritual community to provide camaraderie and support for the journey.

At this point in the post, I would like to pause and present some very good news: Human beings on our planet are AWAKENING rapidly in these current times of upheaval and confusion. In the wake of disillusionment with so called “leaders,” and at a time when materialism has reached its zenith, folks are beginning to look elsewhere for answers.

However, most are NOT turning to traditional religious institutions (which are rapidly losing members), but are instead choosing to explore a more individualized approach to SPIRITUALITY. Many are also learning to be “IN the world, but not OF the world” by moving away from both materialistic and absolutist ways of thinking and being. 

This is NOT to say that traditional religious systems are necessarily BAD, and there are certainly those within them that “get it” when it comes to embracing an Evolutionary Spirituality that transcends the boundaries and restrictions of rigid dogma and doctrine.

Thus, REALIZATION stands as a universal spiritual experience that can occur for those both within and without any kind of religious organization. What matters most is that folks begin searching more deeply into their innate spiritual nature and seek opportunities for continuous growth and expansion. This can lead to the next stage, known as EDIFICATION (post forthcoming).

Now, the practical side of all of this:

If you have not yet given much thought to the spiritual side of your existence, NOW IS THE TIME to do so. Not only will it enrich your everyday life, but it will also transport you to a higher way of living and being. Consider embarking upon a personal Spiritual Quest, and perhaps make a connection with a spiritual community in your area.  

If you have already experienced REALIZATION as I have described it here, then I encourage you to KEEP GROWING. Dig deeper into your current research and praxis, and seek the spirituality it contains (“If religion is the boat, spirituality is the lifeboat”). I will be back next time with the next step in this Psychology of the Soul

Until then, I pray that we will all experience greater levels of REALIZATION regarding our truest and highest nature as “Souls who live in Bodies, that have Minds, all of which is animated by Spirit;” and that we will proceed together in assisting humanity in its accelerating TRANSFORMATIONAL process.

Life, Light, & LOVE,

Dr. Mik



People are SICK and TIRED. 

Yes – many people are truly getting sick, and almost everyone of us is exasperated and tired. 

We are living within and through a Viral Pandemic, BUT there is SO MUCH more to the story than a highly contagious and insidious illness from which many immunocompromised persons are dying. Unfortunately, the news is MUCH WORSE than that. 

Truth be told, the virus has merely revealed the tip of the iceberg of a much more dangerous situation that has been covertly lurking among us for centuries.

That disease is: MEGALOMANIA

What do people “of the world” do when they no longer have to grind and struggle to survive on a daily or weekly basis? They THRIVE. But unfortunately, some can quickly become spoiled and bored. They then go on to seek greater material wealth and sensual stimulation, but this rarely satisfies. What then remains to attempt to stave off the depression that accompanies this materialistic way of life?


And therein, dear friends, lies the crux of the plight of humanity. For as long as a self-appointed “elite” segment of society continues to seek and maintain power OVER, instead of power FOR, and WITH others (i.e. Empowerment), a truly enlightened society will not emerge. Psychological Integration and Spiritual Harmony just do not work that way. 

Instead, it is time for a rEVOLution of people uniting against EVIL in our collective society. You know who they are, and they also know who they are; and they are going to continue to push the limits of societal tolerance as they steadily gain more and more control that they will NEVER willingly return. No government in history ever has. 

We must realize that governments are now corrupt beyond measure, and they can therefore NOT be trusted to represent our voice, or to govern us honestly. We must also free ourselves from the digital and drug induced spells that they have cast upon us; so that we can truly and authentically call ourselves “woke.”

Trust me, friends; they do not care one “jot or tittle” about anything unless it is something they can politicize and weaponize in service of their own agendas. Politicism is the new racism, and they are turning us against one another. Divide and conquer: The oldest play in the book; and yet we remain ignorant and complacent.

And so, speaking of “movements,” I have an idea of one I would like to initiate myself. I am calling it NOVID-22. It’s premise?  “No more Covid agendas, lies, deceptions, manipulations, and/or politicization in 2022, and then no more of any of it, for any reason, moving forward.” 

May a “united people of good will” work together as we protect the vulnerable, establish natural herd immunity, and welcome and act upon the TRANSCENDENT REVELATIONS that have surfaced in the midst of this crisis. 

Only then will the PEACE and HARMONY that every non-sociopath desires in their “heart of hearts” be possible.

This mission is OURS, and the time is NOW. 

Life, Light, & LOVE,

Dr. Mik


The ‘human saga’ has been one of an evolving complexity. From the time civilization began, we have been compounding our world of ideas (and their manifestations) into what we have believed constituted ‘progress.’ 

In the midst of this activity, means of organizing ourselves became necessary in the midst of the plethora of concepts (and myriad machinations) in order to bring some kind of order to a now perceived ‘cacophony of possibilities.’

This means of compartmentalizing this ‘milieu of the mind’ gave birth to the formation of IDEOLOGIES, which are essentially systems of beliefs, creeds, doctrines, dogmas, ideals, principles, thoughts, etc. that would constitute the world of human knowledge. 

But where minds were once overwhelmed with information and needed to develop ways of organizing them, we are now faced with a condition of excessive and conflicting IDEOLOGIES that are threatening the very fabric of our civilization. 

We are essentially at war with ourselves as ‘this -ology’ or ‘that -ism’ strives for dominance; and the most frightening side of this conflict is that people are willing to invoke hate in the process leading to disrespect, marginalization, and even violence. 

While I have written previously, and do honestly believe, that these evolutions are designed to promote a more enlightened and illumined society, I do not feel that we are called to simply let it play out without any sense of responsibility. The Creation Story in Genesis states very clearly that, “God gave humans dominion” over the earth, and we are therefore accountable for the ideologies we embrace, and our subsequent enactments (and re-enactments).

Let us therefore engage an ‘Examination of Conscience’ for the history of humanity: 

How have we done as caretakers of the earth?

How have we treated one another? 

How have we honored our Creator during our tenure here?

I believe it is very clear, that while there have been some very wonderful advancements, we also have a very long way to go before we can honestly believe and say that we have done well. 

What then is the answer? Wherein lies the cure?

My thoughts, feelings, and inspirations regarding this matter are these:

 1) We do well to first identify that IDEOLOGIES have indeed become a serious problem in our world today, and commit to purposeful change. 

2) Next, let us assess our own personal devotion to IDEOLOGIES, and our tendency to value and honor them to the point that we fall out of charity, and even common-sense.

3) Lastly, may we free ourselves from the limitations and bondage of these mindsets and open our hearts and minds to the very real possibility of simplification, integration, and diversity.

It is time to settle the riddle of duality, embrace a balanced multiplicity, and learn to once again live in greater UNITY. 

May the PRESENCE and LOVE of GOD become our TRANSCENDENT REALITY that replaces our limited, conflicting, and segregating IDEOLOGIES. 

Life, Light, & LOVE,

Dr. Mik


Psychology discusses the various ways in which the human mind reacts to threatening situations under the heading ‘defense mechanisms.’ These typically automatic (unconscious) reactions can include experiences such as repression, denial, withdrawal, and PROJECTION. 

While most, if not all of the known defense mechanisms are clearly in operation in these very threatening times, projection is the one that possesses the greatest potential for harm in our current collective situation. 

Carl Jung discussed projection as the externalization of our own ‘shadow impulses’ in order to avoid facing and reconciling them. By highlighting the flaws in others, we temporarily divert our attention from our own faults and resultant suffering as a way of denying what needs to be addressed within ourselves. While this may alleviate some pain in the short term, the longer term effects are often disastrous for self and others. 

Jung also highlighted how projection can operate on a much larger scale within entire societies, and any historical survey can reveal how people have always had to identify some form of enemy upon which to project their own darkness. This has manifested in history as racism, hyper-nationalism, exploitation, and ultimately WAR. 

Projection is currently OUT OF CONTROL in America, and our bi-polar nation is at war with itself.

Each and every one of us MUST NOW take personal responsibility to identify and reign-in our projections and deal respectfully with one another. If we do not, we will further weaken the very fabric of our nation, risk escalating violence, and open ourselves up to more extensive foreign interference. 

Friends, many of you know how much I dislike politics, and how hard I try to hold my own personal convictions ‘close to my vest.’ However, I cannot sit idly by and watch as a clearly diagnosable and highly treatable condition ravages the population, and threatens our nation. 

And so, I will say very bluntly: Stop acting like spoiled little children wanting their own way in everything! Accept that there are others with different thoughts, opinions, and values than your own! Take ownership of YOUR shadow and work to be a more compassionate and kind human being to EVERYONE, not just those with whom you agree!

Seriously folks, we are standing on the edge of something very dangerous right now, and the responsibility rests with EACH and EVERY one of us to open our eyes to how our own thoughts, words, and actions are either part of the problem, or part of the solution moving forward. 

Let us not be swept into polarization and opposition, but let us all remember that we are all on this journey together, regardless of our skin pigmentation, religious convictions, or political alignment. 

We MUST find a path forward in LOVE and UNITY. 

Projection is NOT that path. 

Be Well!

Dr. Mik


As this year of ’20/20 Re-Visioning’ culminates in what will surely be known as one of the most critical (in more ways than one) elections in history, let us take a moment to FOCUS, CENTER, and GROUND ourselves in the midst of the turmoil and chaos that is unfurling all around us. 

It is at just a time as this that we have the greatest opportunity to truly ‘test our metal’ and ‘rise to the occasion’ of the ‘best selves’ we have been working to be and become. This is therefore NOT the time to be captured by any form of ‘group think,’ or to be swept into any kind of aggressive ‘social uprising.’ 

Instead, our society stands in great need of WISDOM, PATIENCE, and most of all LOVE as we enter the next phase of the NEW CREATION that is being co-created and made-manifest in our midst. 

The ‘contractions’ we are now experiencing are but a foreshadowing of the ‘birthing pains’ yet to come. We are still early within the process, and we will all do well to be prepared to face many choices moving forward regarding how we will elect to behave during this ‘Re-birthing process.’

Will we succumb to RAGE and HATRED if things do not go ‘our way?’ Will we embrace DIVISIVENESS and continue to FACTION ourselves into camps of ‘this versus that,’ and/or an ‘us or them’ mentality? 

Friends, I am not a fan of dystopian shows or movies, but I do believe they can serve a vital function for us now. They can show us who we DO NOT want to become, and how we DO NOT wish to behave in the midst of any future trials and tribulations. Let these fictions serve therefore as negative examples of how we will, in fact, face times of growth and change.

My appeal to my readers today is to ask that we each sit quietly with the choice that stands before us in this election, and that we base our decision upon our deepest spiritual convictions. Then, having cast our ballot, let us proceed with ACCEPTANCE and GRACE regarding the outcome. Were we not all taught to be ‘good sports’ as early as Kindergarten? 

I close with this thought as we proceed together within this current rEVOLution:

“It takes more COURAGE to practice PEACE when tempted towards VIOLENCE, to FORGIVE when anger desires to PUNISH, and to LOVE when pride demands VENGEANCE.”

Life, Light, & LOVE! 

Dr. Mik


I remember a day when politicians were civil, where media outlets honored journalistic integrity (neutrality), and where people conducted themselves with decency and respect. 

Today we see and experience highly polarized politicians, heavily biased reporting, and ongoing deterioration of law and order within society. 

As I have prayed, meditated, thought, and felt my way through these current crises, one attribute that has stood out for me as a significant contributor to the problems is the concept of HYPERCRITICISM. 

I understand that we are all taught in school and college about ‘critical thinking,” that is, the ability to approach matters with a bit of healthy skepticism that enables us to remain open to alternative considerations. This is all well and good when it is practiced in a balanced and intelligent manner. 

The issue today is that many people have become incredibly HYPERCRITICAL to the point that there is an immediate default to a negative assessment and fault finding in everything they see and encounter.

“That guy is an absolute racist!”

“That woman is a complete wench!” 

“Those people are all _________ (fill in the blank)!”

There is no critical thinking taking place in such abrupt assessments. There is no consideration being afforded to the persons involved. There is only judgment and condemnation based upon one’s own polarized beliefs and attitudes. PROJECTION: pure and simple. 

It seems the game in town these days is to find any possible fault in a person, and to then exploit that for maximum effect in ‘bringing her or him down.” In this way, the criticizer feels elevated and can go on denying her/his own faults, as well as the fact that s/he is acting in arrogance, ignorance, and most importantly: FEAR.

Friends, more people need to be saying what I am about to say, and more people need to reconcile with the truth of it:

FEAR is destroying our society and world! 

The most recent exacerbation of this reality has been the pandemic, which is affecting people psychologically more than they realize. Even those not infected physically have become infected psychologically with FEAR, manifesting as HATE.

We have got to get a grip on ourselves and realize that there are forces that are seeking to influence and manipulate us into becoming disgruntled, miserable, and HYPERCRITICAL people. Peace, contentment, and fulfillment cannot result from this trend, and if we do not intervene CONSCIOUSLY, it will need to play out to an extreme (negative) position that is guaranteed to finally wake us up. 

Join me, if you will, in a small experiment:

As you go through your day today, study your interactions with others. Observe your mind and make note of the very first thoughts and feelings you experience with each interaction. 

Was your first thought a critical one?

Did that then lead to a judgment? 

Did you then make a decision to somehow reject that person?

If so, try this instead:

1) Adopt a personal mindset that you will look upon every person as inherently good.

2) See flaws, but balance them with positive attributes as well, For example, “Savannah’s hair may have been a bit wild, but her outfit looked great.” 🙂

3) LOVE that person as a gift from God, and consider how you might be able to BLESS her/him (judgment is a curse). 

One by one, WE are called to redirect this downward spiral and redeem ourselves from our current HYPERCRITICAL condition. 

LOVE is what matters!

Life, Light, & LOVE! 

Dr. Mik


There has been, and continues to be, a stark decline in memberships within religious based organizations, and yet interest in spiritual constructs within the ‘secular’ realm seems to be on the rise. 

What might this be about?

Based upon my own research and experience, I would say that this trend reveals that people are seeking a shift away from being told what they ought to believe in favor of being permitted to decide for themselves what they actually DO believe. 

This has led to the emergence of sayings like:

“Religion is someone else’s experience, spirituality is your own experience.”

“If religion is the boat, spirituality is the lifeboat.”

“Religion is humanity reaching out for God, spirituality is God reaching out for humanity.”

And the most common:

“I am spiritual, but not religious.” 

But what does this actually mean, and how does it ‘play-out’ in everyday life? 

If we study the situation historically we discover that spirituality has always existed within religion, meaning that below the exoteric symbols and teachings lie esoteric truths and principles that reveal universal realities. 

Take the concept of God, for example. Various religions present their own particular conceptualization of the First Cause/Primal Force from which all else came, yet it is the universal experience of that Essence that matters most to us, and which offers the most promise for impacting our individual and collective existence. 

Call God what you will, God is, and in God we “live, and move, and have our being.” 

Now, a solely religious person may have a serious problem with what I have shared thus far in this post, and they might demand that God be referred to by a particular name, as a certain gender, and with particular attributes that their own dogma and doctrine might dictate. Some would even be willing to end friendships, and/or even resort to violence to defend that which they have adopted as absolute. 

The basis of such behavior is FEAR, but “perfect LOVE casts out FEAR.”

I like to say it this way:

If you take five religious persons and put them in a room, they will most likely be arguing within five minutes. However, if you place five spiritual people in the same situation, they will most likely engage in patient and fruitful dialogue for more than five hours. 

This is possible because within each RELIGION we discover a wonderful SPIRITUALITY that offers life and vitality to the Soul. In Judaism it is Kaballah; in Islam, Sufism; and in Christianity it is known as Christian Mysticism. Each of these spiritual traditions contains incredible beauty and confluence, and each can benefit people of every creed and nation. 

The Unitarian Universalists express this openness wonderfully within their Fourth Principle that encourages “A free and responsible search for Truth and meaning.” 

I also RESPECT the right of each and every person to express themselves in an affirming and peaceful way via any religion they may choose, but I ENCOURAGE the avoidance of expressions that highlight “the LETTER verses the SPIRIT.” 

Is there not enough disparity, criticism, and violence in our world already? Have we not yet evolved beyond primitive thinking and misguided absolutism? 

Where RELIGION can often separate, SPIRITUALITY unifies. 

I pray that each and every one of you will be greatly blessed and fulfilled as you continue to evolve and express your own unique and personalized version of SPIRITUALITY, within or without the framework of any particular RELIGION. 

Let us remember that God is SPIRIT, and does not have a RELIGION. We may choose to follow one if we wish, but let us remember that RELIGION without SPIRITUALITY is merely a form without a viable function. 

I close with this thought for your consideration:

“Why do religions stand in opposition of one another? If they are authentically seeking and finding SPIRITUAL TRUTH, would there not be congruence, agreement, and co-operation between them?”

Life, Light, & LOVE! 

Dr. Mik


The human saga can be summarized most succinctly as a “Quest for Truth.” 

Truth of existence. Truth of purpose. Truth of direction. Truth of outcome. 

We all want to know why we are here, what we are meant to be doing, where we are supposed to be going, and what it is all meant to accomplish, and ultimately, MEAN?

Many religious and philosophical teachers have come in order to address these human longings, these quintessential questions that lie within the depths of our consciousness; and when these teachings are studied comparatively we discover that they are all pointing to one and the same Truth. 

In Buddhism, we encounter the Four Noble Truths of:

1) Suffering
2) The Cause of Suffering
3) The End of Suffering, and
4) The Path to the Cessation of Suffering

In Christianity, Jesus answers Pilate by revealing that he had “come to bear witness to the Truth,” to which Pilate responds mockingly with his now infamous “Quid est Veritas” (What is Truth)?

Pilate truly did not know. 

Jesus, Buddha, and the other world teachers DID (and some today still do). 

And yet, the world continues to suffer as humans argue and make war in defense of the delusions that have become their many versions of ‘False Truth.’ Some even go so far as to state that there really is no such thing as Truth. Everything is simply random, and only chaos rules. 

It is indeed TRUE that only chaos and randomness can result from views such as these, and for as long as humanity ‘kicks and screams’ against the ONE REALITY, we will not know the joy and peace that TRUTH affords. 

There is really (truly, ultimately) only one choice that each of us is called to make in life, and this is the choice between Reality or Un-reality, represented via concepts such as Heaven or Hell, Self or Ego, Love or Fear, etc. This choice determines the trajectory of our lives, the relationships we will attract, and the world we will construct around us. 

Unfortunately (for now), more have chosen the ‘illusion of delusion,’ which is why we are collectively where we are currently: slaves to a material universe, and captives of space and time. 

Fortunately, there is a better way, and a brighter path forward that is always available to us. Surprisingly, this choice is quite natural, surprisingly simple, and fully attainable. 

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t! 

God did not create us to become bewildered, confused, and destructive beings reaping havoc upon the earth. God created us to live in peace, harmony, and LOVE with nature and one another. It is we who decided to create a material world dominated by space and time. It is we who have chosen to live as bodies and egos, and not as the “Spiritual Souls” we truly are. 

However, when we commit to live a more spiritual life in direct communion with God, we become less and less delusional within this material paradigm. Life takes on new meaning and purpose, and we realize who we truly ARE.

In this way, the spiritual path is less about becoming something other, and more about uncovering who and what we always have been, but have yet been unable to fully realize. Michelangelo expressed this wonderfully when he said that he “simply released the figure that was hidden within the block of stone.”

GOD with and within us is TRUTH. Everything REAL flows from there, and anything not, IS NOT. 

Centered within this REALITY, we “live and move and have our being” in the TRUTH, which is GOD, whom we know as LOVE.

(Mic Drop)

Dr. Mik


Sitting quietly and peacefully in nature, my consciousness connects with the ALIVENESS that surrounds me.

The sun is shining, warmth is penetrating, colors are reflecting, a gentle breeze is blowing, water is flowing . . .

A squirrel is foraging, a bird is singing, a chipmunk chirping. Fish are swimming, a frog is jumping, leaves are waving, tree branches swaying . . .

I could go on and on.

Our world is no doubt a MIRACLE unfolding before our very eyes, as we also miraculously “live and move and have our being” within it. This is especially important to remember in times of upheaval, struggle, and change: Creation remains.

I therefore encourage you, dear reader, to find moments like these, and when you do, I ask you to make note of the fact that while the word ‘earth’ may be a noun, in vivo it is most assuredly a VERB.

Shining, penetrating, reflecting, flowing, blowing . . .

Foraging, singing, chirping, swimming, jumping, waving, swaying . . .

If I had to name the overall sense that I experience in nature, it would be the force and energy of EMERGENCE. Even beyond its previously identified cycles, there is the overall perception that there is an ever present potential and purpose within all creation.

Astrophysicists now tell us that time and space are in a constant state of flux, traveling, if you will, towards somewhere and/or something. Consequently, from the moment of its inception (if there ever was such a time) our Universe has been expanding, evolving, and EMERGING.

We can find great comfort in this scientific law, philosophical reality, and theological truth. The knowledge and understanding that it is not ‘all for naught,’ but that there is great purpose in all that is unfolding is key to our ability to remain balanced and focused within the fear and pain of our current ‘re-birthing process.’

That said, there is an additional component to EMERGENCE that is essential to our current experience. I have often said that “If we wish to render our world a ‘New Creation,’ we must first begin by helping individuals to become ‘new creations.’” What I mean here is that our collective process is dependent upon millions of individual sub-processes.

Therefore, it is within the freewill and responsibility of each and every one of us to make a willful decision to cultivate our own EMERGENCE. We do this via a process known as Conscious Evolution.

Until more recent times, human evolution was more happenstance and ‘at the mercy of’ the environment. However, a very important shift occurred where humans came to realize that we are actually capable of intentionally and actively contributing to our growth and development as a species and society.

We have crossed the threshold from Homo Sapiens to Homo Evolutis, meaning that our consciousness has risen to the point that we can begin to make better choices and develop healthier attitudes and approaches towards development and sustainability.

Each of us has therefore become both ‘the lock and the key.’ WE are the ‘ones we have been waiting for.’ Hence, we must now strike a balance between faith and personal responsibility, reliance upon God and acceptance of human accountability.

And what are we to co-create with God? Perhaps we can begin with world peace, then universal love & compassion, and ultimately a sustainable world where technology serves only to ease our burdens as we return once again to nature.

For greater detail about this path and process, please follow this link:


Be Well!

Dr. Mik


We watch now as humanity continues to struggle within the ‘delusion of duality.’ The battle between ‘this’ or ‘that.’ The clash of my -ology verses your -ism. The war between ‘us’ and ‘them.’

This “duality delusion” polarizes and divides, leading ultimately to erosion and entropy; and it is this cycle that has been repeating again and again through time on earth. Fleeting moments of peace and harmony between wars, and brief times of great intellectual and spiritual gain between the rise and fall of empires.

So what do I mean by this term ‘duality delusion?’ What is it that I wish to convey with this alliteration.

Simply put, the ‘duality delusion’ is the tendency to become trapped in paradox where ‘this’ is opposed to ‘that,’ and where the world and universe are seen constantly through a lens that highlights differences in opposition.

In psychology we refer to this as “black or white” or “all or nothing” thinking, and those who are entangled in this way of seeing the world often struggle significantly. Nothing can ever be ‘black’ or ‘white’ enough, and grey just does not satisfy.

And yet grey IS actually the solution, for healing is found in the balance. Somewhere between the left and right wings lies the heart of TRUTH. Here, we encounter a law known as EQUILIBRIUM, a state at which opposing forces are met in stability and sustainability.

In mathematics, this is the factor of Phi, derived from the Fibonacci Sequence, which reveals the presence of symmetry and balance within all created things.

In medicine, this factor of EQUILIBRIUM is captured with the term homeostasis, which refers to the balancing of the many chemical and biological processes that enable us to experience health and wellbeing.

Also, from medicine, we are discovering how the human body is actually a microbiome, that is, a host to billions of microbial forms that are crucial to our survival. We are also hearing a great deal recently about how immunity is actually reliant upon our continual interaction with the external microbial kingdom.

The truth is that the law of EQUILLIBRIUM is everywhere, revealing the Divine Presence in all Creation, enabling us to achieve and maintain “balance in all things,” and paving the way for a sustainable future.

Current systems are NOT sustainable, which is why they are breaking down. Having run the gamut of their extreme expressions, they have lost perspective, and are erupting into conflict and chaos.

Some may remember that the word used for the first attempts at racial healing in America was the word INTEGRATION, which refers to the blending of unique constituents in order to create a comprehensive and ultimately better outcome. This word and concept continues to speak to us today.

For example, in Integrative Psychology we approach each individual as a unique person of varying attributes and life experiences. We then evolve the treatment accordingly by drawing from theories and interventions from the whole of psychological science, and even from beyond psychology.

We are therefore not tied to only one school or method within psychology, but instead we seek training and expertise in multiple modalities so as to be able to customize each and every individual treatment. We do not fit the patient to the treatment, but fit the treatment to the patient. This is also true of what is practiced in Integrative Medicine.

Imagine what might be possible if this ‘integrative mindset’ would enter into other realms of human knowledge?

How wonderful it could be if ALL PERSONS began to open their minds to multiple dimensional possibilities and capabilities, where differences would become strengths, and diversity the path to innovation and greatness.  

Friends, this is what is unfolding right now before our very eyes. The fires of conflict are transmuting polarity, and pushing us towards integration, and an eventual sustainable equilibrium. Our hope is that critical mass has been reached, and that the process of transformation promised us in this new millennium is unfolding right here, right now.

This brings me to the practical application of this article. To this point, you have read my references to philosophy, physics, and psychology about the theoretical nature of current events. Let us now consider what all of this means where the “rubber meets the road.”

The first point I would say that emerges from a practical standpoint is that we want to be careful that we are not ourselves operating within the ‘duality delusion.’ Have we taken an extreme left or right position that might be clouding our judgment regarding contrary information or opinion?

If so, then let us be called back to balance. Let us open our minds and hearts to be able to hear, understand, and empathize with the thoughts, opinions, and experiences of others.

We might learn a thing or two.

The second practical application would be for us to continue to practice equilibrium as a ‘way of life.’ Let us assess our lives and identify where we may not be experiencing optimal homeostasis, and let us make adjustments accordingly, body, mind, and Soul.

And lastly, our study of equilibrium can bring us to a place of deeper understanding of all that is unfolding in this, our year of “20/20 vision,” where the lens is focusing in on deep systemic problems that have been plaguing humanity for centuries.

2020 does not have to go down in history as the most horrible year in our lifetimes. We may choose instead to see it as a turning point in history, the ushering in of a new era of human healing and enlightenment, paving the way for incredible advances in science, religion, human relations, and collective illumination.

As the British say, “mark me” on this: This time will prove to be one of the most important positive transitions in human history.

Be Well!

Dr. Mik