Fate or Destiny?

FATE and DESTINY represent two ways in which we can choose to invest our lives through the exercise of our God given FREE WILL.

When we choose FATE, we basically resign ourselves to whatever happens and/or ‘comes our way.’ This decision may be the result of a feeling of powerlessness, or it may simply be a chosen philosophy that surrenders to what is believed to be a ‘pre-formatted’ design and pre-destined outcome.

DESTINY, on the other hand, represents our potential to choose and strive for our ‘highest and best’ selves, and to attain our most optimal life experiences. Its philosophy affirms human efficacy and our ability to shape our lives and define many of our experiences.

INTENTION defines the power to choose either direction, and to take (or not take) action in our lives.

CAUSALITY then represents the result of our choices and actions that will shape both FATE and DESTINY. FATE therefore could be considered to be a surrendering to what we have ‘reaped’, while DESTINY would represent an outlook focused upon ‘sowing’ positively and affirmatively.

In sum, we might say that FATE is the default setting of ‘whatever happens,’ while DESTINY is what we ourselves create and manifest when we continue to ‘strive and thrive.’

May we INTEND wisely.