Client Profile
Business Executives/Professionals, Public Safety Personnel. Healthcare Providers, Associate Clinicians/Students, People of Faith

Life Coaching
Solution-Focused Counseling
Integrative Psychotherapy
Clinical Consultation/Supervision

Areas of Expertise
Theoretical Amalgamation, Affective/Cognitive Integration, Psychospirituality

Treatment Foci
Career Challenges, Stress/Anger Management, Relational Problems, Grief/Loss, Anxiety/Depression, Trauma Disorders, ADHD/OCD, Adjustment/Coping Situations, and Addictions/Phobias

Research/Publication/Presentation: M
Administrative Hours: T-F: 1:00 – 1:30pm
Session Hours: T-F: 1:30 – 7:00pm
Office Closed: Sa & Su

Fee Structure1
Regular Session: $90 per hour
Off Site Visit: $150 per hour
Telephone Consultations: Pro-rated by 15 minute segments

1While I do not participate in any direct billing of 3rd party payors, many of my clients and patients have successfully submitted private claims and have received full or partial reimbursement for my services on an “out of network” basis.

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