Telehealth Policy

In the event of inclement weather or some other prohibitive event (natural disaster, pandemic, etc.), all regularly scheduled appointments will move to phone sessions. Should you not wish to meet telephonically, sessions will need to be rescheduled, or in the case of a longer term event; interrupted.

The procedure for this adjustment is as follows:

1) If the situation will be a one time event (i.e., snow day), please email me ( to discuss if you wish to come in person, or if a phone session will be necessary or preferred.

2) If the situation will be a longer term event (i.e., pandemic), all future sessions will move to Telehealth until further notice.

3) On the day and time of your phone appointment, please call in at 717.417.6932. If I do not answer immediately I may be running over, or I may have stepped away from my desk momentarily. Please wait a few moments and call once again. There is no need to leave a voicemail message in this case, unless we are unable to connect at all for the session.

4) Following the session, please mail the fee to:

Dr. Michael E. Ludwig, PhD
3275 Cape Horn Road
Red Lion, PA 17356

Please email me if you have any further questions about this policy or Telehealth in general.

Thank you.