The Integrated Mind

The following attributes are what I have deciphered to be the most sought after qualities to attain in pursuit of the integrated mind:

  1. Surrender: An openness to the need for growth and change, and a willingness to engage a healing process.
  2. Co-Journey: Learning to approach life as a collaborative effort through which we depend upon one another. Letting others “in” and allowing them to help.
  3. Release: A process of giving voice to all that has been repressed/ suppressed in our lives.
  4. Revelation: The attainment of new insights regarding our lives and ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.
  5. Renewal: The “taking in” of new learning in a manner that creates meaningful and enduring change within the individual.
  6. Authenticity: A strong sense of “self” and the strength to be that well, regardless of the thoughts/opinions of others.
  7. Actualization: Confidence in one’s unique talents and abilities. A “force to be reckoned with.”
  8. Adaptability: The ability to change and redirect based upon environmental factors and other sources of information. Openness and willingness to change.
  9. Resilience: An intensity that pushes through difficulties and refuses to accept defeat. Known colloquially as “Grit.”
  10. Transcendence: “Rising above” circumstances and considering the “higher meanings” of situations and happenings.

Dr. Michael E. Ludwig, PhD

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