Spiritual Re-Alignment

Life on earth as we have known it has been significantly disrupted, and we find ourselves living what was once only the stuff of speculations and entertainments. Surely, we never believed it could actually happen in our own lifetimes? It was all supposed to happen at . . . sometime in the . . . future. Right?

At the onset of the current pandemic I found myself spontaneously referring to it as an ‘evolution’ and ‘realignment.’ I have also been guilty of throwing the word ‘spiritual’ into the mix. 🙂

Now, please do not misunderstand me here. In no way do I find any kind of pleasure or satisfaction in suffering, and I admit that my first question to God is going to be:

“What were you thinking?!?”

But then I remind myself that it is WE who have played the major role in turning things in the direction they have gone. It is WE who have taken advantage of and damaged the earth. WE are the ones who have imperfectly altered the perfect design.

And yet still, I persist in my belief that this is all a part of a Divine Plan that will have an (ultimately) happy ending that we will ourselves (with God) co-create (see Teleology). While we may not understand or agree with the design now, all will one day be revealed and understood.

What then are we to be doing within this current crisis? How can we respond in a consciously enlightened way?

About ten years ago I developed a matrix I call CREATE-YOU:

Care for your body with breath, diet, exercise, and professional care.
Renew your mind by working with a Coach, Counselor, or Therapist.
Empower your Soul via personal spiritual beliefs and practices.
Activate your higher potentials and optimize your life dynamics.
Take charge of your life and create the future you desire.
Engage fully the incredible gift of life and the beauty of all Creation.

Yearn for the healing of humanity and the restoration of the Earth.
Organize a plan to become a “change agent” in our world.
Unleash the power of YOU and encourage others to do the same!

I originally developed this matrix to serve as an overall guide to living well in and for our world, but I believe it also speaks to living through this present re-alignment. In CREATE we have a plan to guide us through the current crisis, and in YOU we have a responsible response to it. I believe it can therefore serve as a guide through and beyond the pandemic, and I pray each of you might take it to heart and enact it fully.

Please do stay HEALTY, POSITIVE, and STRONG, trusting that all that is taking place has the potential to ultimately heal our collective humanity and our world. May we learn our lessons quickly and completely, so that we might bring an end to pain, suffering, and loss.

Let our hearts go out to the victims and their families, and our sincere gratitude be upon all healthcare and public service personnel.

Now, please STAY HOME and CREATE-YOU.  🙂

Be Well!

Dr. Mik