As Psychotherapist:

“Dr. Ludwig saved my life. He has been a caring, insightful, patient and skilled partner in my journey to overcome a traumatic past with hope for a brighter future. I am forever thankful that our paths crossed and I highly recommend him as a psychotherapist.” ~ Ms. L.

“Dr. Ludwig offers a unique and effective approach to men’s issues, trauma, as well as generalized anxiety and depressive disorders. I highly recommend him as a person and as a therapist.” ~ Dr. P.

“I regularly refer parishioners to Dr. Mik, and I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from those I have sent to him. He is an asset to our Parish and Diocese.” ~ Fr. J.

“Through the many years that I have known Dr. Mik, I have come to realize that whatever he does, he does with skill and excellence.” ~ Rev. B.

“Dr. Mik journeyed with me through the darkest time in my life, and with his help, I made it through into the Light. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel.” ~ Mrs. N.

“Our Department makes regular referrals to Dr. Mik. His Military and Law Enforcement backgrounds assure us that he has much more than just a textbook understanding of the needs of Public Safety personnel.” Chief A.

“I did not want to, and did not feel that I needed to go to counseling. Once I began working with Dr. Mik, I realized why I needed to be there. Since then, there have been incredible changes in my self, and in my life.” ~ Mr. K.

“I did not know what to do when my husband began gambling and drinking uncontrollably. Divorce seemed like the only option, but then Dr. Mik became involved. My Husband’s transformation has been almost unbelievable!” ~ Mrs. G.

“Dr. Mik is a deeply caring and compassionate Therapist, but he also doesn’t let you “off the hook.” He works for, expects, and achieves results.” ~ Mrs. B.

As Author:

“Dr. Mik is a literary “unsung hero.” His writing style is as good as any of the “famous” authors I have read, and his wisdom exceeds them. I truly hope his writings travel “far and wide!” ~ Mrs. N.

“Dr. Mik is truly blessed with the gift of words. His writings confront yet comfort, reveal yet refresh, and expose yet empower.” ~ Dr. C.

“When I need focus or clarity, I read Dr. Mik’s Blog or one of his “sayings”. I have yet to be disappointed.” ~ Mr. J.

“Dr. Mik is a talented writer with a very important message. I look forward to his future releases” ~ Ms. C.



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